Kings Every King needs his Queen., Chapter three
Every King needs a Queen

A story of the heartless and the hurt .
Can a man known to have no heart, save the one who was so broken?
A original thug Chris Brown story.

Chapter three 



Letting out a groan, I squinted my eyes and rolled over to the other side of my California king bed to switch off my alarm that was currently blaring Ciara’s ‘Body Party’. Glancing at the time, a sigh escaped my lips as the brightly coloured digits read 7:00am.

Dramatically dropping my head back on my pillow, I mentally cussed myself out for staying up all night and watching movies instead of getting an early night like I promised myself I would. The morning sunrise seeped through the curtains reminding me that I needed to hurry and get up if I wanted to be on time today.

It was the first day of college, meaning my nerves were at an all time high but I was determined to start this new chapter in my life and what better way than to attend a new school.

Sluggishly sitting up, I ran my hand on the white fluffy comforter that I had fallen in love with and instantly started debating if I should just stay home laid up in it all day. “Wake your bony ass up”, I heard Bella holler from outside my bedroom door, followed by her repeatedly banging on it.

Seconds later she was bursting through, looking like she was ready to run a marathon. “How do you have some much energy in the morning?”, I groaned as I brought my blanket up to my chin and cuddled it into my body. Grinning like a kid in a candy store, Bella kicked off her Jordan’s and jumped onto my bed causing me to bounce a few times.

“Few shots of espresso does wonders”, She winked as I looked at her like she was crazy. “You tryna have a heart attack at an early age?”, I frowned as she just laid back and laughed while lifting her legs in the air, “Girl stop stalling and get yo ass up, it’s the first day of collegeeeeeee. My baby is finally growing up”, she dramatically squealed as I quickly covered my ears while letting out a groan.

“You know I did go to college in Paris right?”, I informed her as she smacked her teeth and waved me off.  “Doesn’t count if it isn’t in English. Now get up and shower while I pick you out an outfit for today”, she yelled over her shoulder as she ran into my walk in wardrobe before I could tell her that her logic about college in Paris was beyond dumb.

Shaking my head as I chuckled, I slipped off the bed and stretched my body out to loosen up my tight limbs. Feeling a little more awake thanks to Bella’s hyper self, I headed straight to my en suite and started stripping out of my silk lingerie set. Throwing my hair into a loose, messy bun I quickly stepped into the shower and let out a sigh of relief as the warm water covered my body. “Soooo I saw Chris last night”, I heard Bella say as she made her way into the bathroom. As always just the sound of his name caused me to break out in a blush. “Oh yeah. He say anything about me?”, I asked causally as I squirted some honey and milk body wash on my wash cloth.

“I’m sorry did I just detect interest in your voice?”, Bella squealed as she unexpectedly flung the shower door open and stuck her head in. Letting out a squeal of surprise, I flung water in her face as she held her stomach and laughed. “Bitch! Almost gave me a heart attack”, I chuckled as I shook my head and turned back to washing my body.

“Anyhoo, to answer your question, yes he did, and we’re all going clubbing this Friday”, she cheesed as I bit down on my lip to refrain from also breaking out in a massive smile. “I don’t have any classes on Friday, wanna go shopping to find an outfit?”, I asked casually causing her to give me a sly smirk before shaking her head.

“Yea and you don’t want him?”, she mocked sarcastically before letting out a laugh and heading out of the bathroom. Once she was out of sight, I let out the grin I had been hiding and even went as far as doing a little happy dance under the water. Laughing at my giddy self, I finished up my shower and grabbed a towel as I stepped out. Tightly wrapping it around my body, I headed to my over sized sink and proceeded to wash my face and brush my teeth. My nerves were already building up by the second and I had to mentally give myself pep talks every five minutes.

Making my way back into my room, a small smile graced my lips at the sight of a complete outfit Bella had laid out for me. Without wasting any more time, I dried down my body and slipped into the short shorts and baseball top she had coordinated to match. Once I had slipped on my Nike sneakers, I headed over to my vanity mirror and tossed my long curls into a high ponytail that trailed down my back. Satisfied with my outfit and look, I coated my face with some light make up before grabbing my Alexander Wang bag and headed downstairs.

As I entered the kitchen my gaze landed on Ally and Bella who were sitting around the breakfast island with 3 plates of pancakes. “Ohhh I knew that would look cute on you”, Bella smirked as she spotted me entering the room.

Setting my bag on the couch, I pulled out the stool and took a seat beside them. “You sure it’s okay for college?”, I asked nervously as I looked down at my exposed legs before looking over at the girls who wore similar outfits.

“You look perfect, stop stressing baby girl”, Bella chuckled as she pushed my plate of pancakes towards me. My mouth watered almost instantly and without having to be told, I grabbed my knife and fork and began digging right in. “Why are you so quiet?”, I mumbled with a mouth full of food towards Ally who hadn’t spoken a word since I entered.

“Ty and I got into another fight last night”, She explained as she shrugged her shoulders while Bella and I subtly side eyed each other. “I honestly don’t get you two”, I muttered honestly as I licked a few of my fingers that managed to get syrup on them.

“It’s not even me though, it’s all him. Like why can’t he just step up and be a man? I’m so sick of this back and forth shit. I can’t do this anymore, it’s tiring and stressful and I’m just so done guys”, she stressed out before shedding a few tears which instantly caused both Bella and I to soften up.

This was the first time I had heard Ally talk about ending stuff with Ty for good. She was so in love with him, she put up with his childishness but I guess it had finally all caught up. “You know we are behind you with whatever you do”, I assured her as I gave her a hug and sat back on my stool.

“She’s right Ally, we are always here for you”, Bella added on as she too gave her a hug while I subtly swallowed another mouth full of pancakes without them seeing.

“Thanks you guys, I think I need to follow in Kiara’s footsteps and start fresh”, she sniffled as she wiped her cheeks and stood up from her seat. “I’m just going to fix my makeup and then we can head out”, she mumbled with a small smile before heading out of the kitchen.

Sitting in silence for a few minutes as we continued to eat, the sound of Bella getting out of her chair pulled me out of my thoughts. “It wont last”, she chuckled lowly as I looked up with a confused look on my face. “She says it all the time Ki, never happens though. Ole girl ALWAYS ends up back with him”, Bella explained causing me to shake my head as I chuckled.

“Well, I’m the last person to be giving out relationship advice considering the only relationship I’ve had is with my Justin Timberlake poster and that was when I was 15”, I laughed as the memory filled my mind.

“Oh my god I remember that! You refused to let anyone and I mean anyone, touch it. You had yourself convinced you guys were in a relationship”, Bella laughed as she reminded me of my obsession with that fine specimen of a man.

“You guys ready to go?”, Ally asked as she suddenly popped back into the kitchen. Letting out squeals as she scared us, Bella and I contained ourselves before speaking up. “I’m ready, what about you Ki, you ready?”, she asked with concerned eyes, which only seemed to spark my nervousness and anxiety.

Nodding my head even though I was terrified, I headed over and placed our dishes in the dishwasher before grabbing my bag. “Let’s go”, I nervously smiled causing both girls to chuckle as they came up and wrapped their arms around my shoulders, leading me towards the front door.

Deciding on taking my new Bentley I had bought the other week, we all jumped into the new smelling car and didn’t waste a minute pulling out. “Kiara stop being so nervous, you have us okay? There is no need to stress”, Bella coached me as she noticed my shaking hands that I hopelessly used to grip the wheel.

“I know, I know but you know how I get when I’m in unfamiliar environments”, I low key stressed as I followed the instructions that were given to me by the GPS. “You can’t be so shy and low-key anymore Ki, it’s time you break out of your shell and meet new people. Shit you might even meet a handsome, educated brother today”, Ally smirked while Bella just sucked her teeth and turned back to mean mug her. It was obvious that Bella was team Chris while Ally had her many doubts and didn’t try to hide the fact that I should look elsewhere.

“It’s fine, I AM fine. It’s just a few first day nerves, that’s all”, I tried to convince them, although we all knew low key I was also trying to convince myself. Quickly turning the music up so they would drop the subject entirely, I was thankful when neither one attempted to keep pushing it. Instead we all sang along to the radio until the GPS announced we had made it to our destination.

Reaching for the radio, Bella turned the music down as I turned into the student car park that seemed to be crawling with students. “Quick, he’s pulling out Ki!”, Ally suddenly yelled as she leaned between the center console and pointed to a spot right next to the entrance. Without needing to be told twice, I hit my indicator and pulled into the space as students surrounding the entrance, stared at the Black 2014 Bentley we had pulled up in.

The girls didn’t hesitate to jump straight out while I on the other hand, gripped the wheel and took a few deep breaths before unbuckling my seat belt. Grabbing my bag, I slowly got out of the car and looked around in awe at the huge buildings that stood in front of me. “Holy crap, this is real”, I mumbled under my breath as I locked my car and walked to the side walk where Bella and Ally were waiting for me.

“Everyone’s staring”, I whispered as I grabbed Bella’s arm and huddled myself next to her. “Well duh, we are drop dead gorgeous and we did just pull up in a brand new Bentley. What did you expect?”, Ally laughed while I just cowered behind Bella and let them lead me into the school. “Shoulda brought a shitty ass Toyota”, I muttered under my breath, although Bella heard and started chuckling.

“It’s not that bad Lil’ Lamb”, she assured me causing me to smile at the nickname my father had given me as a little girl. He said it was because I was innocent and loving as a baby lamb. When he passed away, Bella insisted on still calling me that whenever I was down or scared. She knew it always made me feel better.

“Well my class starts in about 5 mins. Bell you okay to take her to the office?”, Ally asked although she was already walking away and headed in the opposite direction. “Yes bitch, not like you’re any help anyways”, Bella yelled before she mumbled the last bit so only us two could hear. Chuckling at the banter that they always seemed to have, Bella re linked her arm with mine before leading me to the old styled building. “This is the main office, we’ll get your schedule and all that”, she explained as I held onto her tighter and followed her lead.

“Don’t worry Lamb, I’ll look after you”, she winked as I visibly relaxed and filled my mind with nothing but positive thoughts of this new life I was officially starting.


“I can’t get over the shocked look on his face when you told him you weren’t his type! He was so embarrassed!”, I laughed loudly as I rested my head on his shoulder and wiped away my tears.

It was currently 1:00 pm and instead of being in class like I should have been, I was instead chowing down on burgers at Ihop with my new friend Adrian, whom I had met in my Accounting Class.

I usually didn’t open up to people so quickly but Adrian had spotted my distressed state from miles away and made it a mission to sit next to me and ease my mind. Typically I thought he was just another guy trying to get at me, especially since he was so good looking.  Though as soon as he opened his mouth, I knew better than anyone that Adrian strictly batted for the same team.

Luckily for me, we not only shared accounting class but we ended up sharing majority of our classes and so my once constant nervous state, subsided as I had some new support. “Ki baby, he went so red in the face I thought I killed the man”, he choked on his water as he tried to contain his laughter. We had not stopped laughing since our last class and to say my cheeks were hurting from all the laughter would be a understatement. “Serves his creepy ass right!”, I laughed as Adrian nodded his head in agreement while whipping his non existent hair off his shoulder. “He so wanted your ass KiKi, had ole boy foaming at the mouth”, Adrian reminded me causing me to gag at the memories of our creepy teacher.

Turns out we ended up with an extremely young looking professor and at first we thought it would be a good thing, though it was anything but good. From the moment class started he didn’t go a minute without staring at me and to make matters worse he not so subtly tried hitting on me.

I was beyond uncomfortable not to mention embarrassed but thankfully having Adrian in class with me, he played captain save a bitch and put the creepy ass teacher in his place.

Adrian ended up reversing shit and loudly announced to the teacher that he wasn’t his type and to stop flirting with me to get to him. Though it was hilarious and had the whole class dying of laughter, the teacher didn’t take it lightly and let’s just say I never thought I would be kicked out of class on my first day.

“It’s going to be sooo awkward the next time we have class with him”, I giggled as I reached over and stole a few of his cheesy fries. “You have nothing to worry about my doll, I bet Mr Creepo won’t even glance our way from now on”, he hollered loudly, sending me once again into a fit of giggles at his girly tone.

“So tell me is there any lucky men in your fabulous life?”, I asked once we had settled down and began to actually eat our food instead of pick at it. “Oh no girl, one man couldn’t possibly handle all this”, he stated dramatically as he ran his hands all over his body while I just laughed, “What about you? You can’t tell me no man has you bagged because girl you are way too beautiful to not belong to someone”, he winked while I shook my head while trying to hide my blushing cheeks.

Thoughts of Chris instantly filled my mind and for a second I thought about spilling it to Adrian, though I stopped myself as I felt foolish. I mean I’d only met the guy once and we weren’t anything for me to gush about. “Not really, I mean I kinda like one guy”, I shyly admitted as I shrugged my shoulders and quickly took a bite of my burger so I wouldn’t say anything else.

“Ooooooh well who ever this person is, obviously is some sort of God if he has you blushing like that”, he playfully gushed as he tickled my sides.  Swatting his hands away as I laughed, I tired my hardest not to break out into an even bigger blush, but it seemed hopeless as butterflies’ filled my stomach.

“It’s nothing, a silly crush if anything”, I tried to down play though the massive grin on Adrian’s face told me he knew otherwise. Playfully rolling my eyes, he held up his hands in surrender. “Fine, fine whatever you say. But let me just tell you something girl, if any man can make you blush and smile that hard, he sure is worth it”, he winked before turning his attention back to his food. I on the other hand, sat there thinking over his words and soon after I found myself being excited for this Friday night.

It wasn’t until another 20 minutes of eating and chatting away at Ihop, that we decided to pack up and head home as we both had some assignments we had to start on. Paying for both our food, before Adrian even had a chance to look at the bill, I let out a low groan as I noticed a group of guys sitting at a table and eyeing me out.

“I’m going to kill Bella for insisting I wear these shorts today”, I mumbled under my breath, although Adrian seemed to have heard as he looked over to where my gaze was at. “Damn girl, I need to go out with you more often. Always have the papi’s looking your way”, he gushed as once again he made me laugh and forget about the staring vultures.

“Quick hold my hand so they think you’re with me”, he whispered as he interlaced my fingers with his own and lead us past the boys and outside. Still holding hands, Adrian and I playfully started swinging our hands as his ratchet self started rating everyone that we passed.

“Yo Kiara!”, I heard someone yell my name causing both Adrian and I to stop in our tracks and turn around. My eyes went wide as I came face to face with a very unimpressed looking Tyga and Chris. Suddenly feeling nervous at being in Chris’ presence I let out a small smile but it soon faded away as I noticed his hard expression. His once handsome features were turned into a deep frown, his jaw was clenched extremely tight and not to mention the death stare he was sending us both as he looked down at Adrian and my intertwined fingers.

Feeling a tang of embarrassment and guilt, I quickly let go of Adrian’s hand before clearing my throat and once again sending them a smile. “Hey guys, what y’all doing here?”

"Ain’t your ass meant to be at college Ki, and who the fuck is this nigga?", Tyga gritted out as he looked Adrian up and down with a mug that not only embarrassed me but made my feel bad for my new friend. "Damn Michael, I can’t even get a hi back?”, I chuckled nervously as I used Tyga’s governments, though it didn’t seem to work as they both stayed silent waiting for me to answer. Starting to feel a little annoyed at how uncomfortable they were making Adrian and myself, I shook my head before playing my hands on my hips. “First off, I’m done with school for the day and this ‘NIGGA’ is my new friend Adrian", I explained and decided to leave out the part where he was gay. I didn’t feel like I needed to explain myself to them. 

"Shit you can’t give a nigga your number but you quick to jump on the next nigga’s dick? Damn, I see how it is. I don’t know why I even bothered trying to holler at you, you just like the rest of them hoes”, Chris chuckled bitterly as I stood there with my mouthing hanging open in shock. Any sign of the sweet, funny Chris I had met a few weeks ago was completely gone and I couldn’t help but feel knots in my stomach.

Was Ally right? Was he everything that people had said he was, true? Not only feeling foolish but embarrassed as well, my shocked expression turned into a frown as I mean mugged him.

"Well excuse the fuck outta me nigga," I found myself saying as I took a step closer to him. "First off I didn’t give you my number because I know exactly who you are and you ain’t nothing but a no good hoe who fucks anything and everything with a hole. Second of all my friend Adrian over here is GAY and I’m holding his hand so all these thirsty niggas can stop trying to talk to me and thirdly, if you ever call me a hoe again I will not hesitate to slap the shit out of you”, I said all out once, leaving Chris, Michael and Adrian to look at me with opened mouths.

Realizing what I had just said, I immediately felt guilty but to save myself from any further embarrassment, I grabbed Adrian’s hand and without another word we turned back around and headed to my car.

“You. Go. Girl”, Adrian whispered through a squeal as we both continued to walk while staying composed so we didn’t mess up our exit. “I cant believe I just said that”, I whispered back as I subtly placed my hand in my bag and fished around for my car keys.

“I sooooo just wanna look back”, he pleaded quietly as I finally grabbed hold of the keys and pulled them out. “Don’t you dare”, I whispered back as I unlocked the car and let go of his hand. “Oh come on Ki, just one peak, I just have to see their expressions”, he once again pleaded as I got in the car and found him subtly looking over his shoulder. Turning back around he silently squealed before rushing to the car door and getting in. “Oh my gosh, go go go”, he squealed dramatically as I started laughing and tried to compose myself so I could drive out without crashing.

“They’re still just standing there, shocked”, he explained as I finally pulled out and headed back to campus so I could drop him off to his car and pick up the girls. “I didn’t mean to be so harsh”, I groaned as I tried to figure out where the sudden confidence came from.

“Who cares, ole light skinned God deserved it”, Adrian shrugged as I looked over with a smirk. “Light skinned God, huh?”, I giggled as he casually shrugged his shoulders and inspected his manicure. “Hey, I’m not gonna lie. He was foineeeeeeeeeeeee. Tell me he’s the one my little princess has a crush on”, he smirked as I felt my cheeks heat, confirming his suspicions.

“Damn it Kiki! You bagged yourself a God of a man”, he squealed before dramatically collapsing back in his seat while I shook my head. “Did you just see me cuss him out? He most likely hates me now”, I groaned as Adrian looked over and smirked.

“Oh my young apprentice, you have much to learn. You didn’t see the hard on you left him with?”, He asked causing me to hit the breaks at the red light before looking over at him with wide eyes. “What?! No! Wait how the hell do you know?”, I chuckled while shaking my head at this crazy man.

“Whaaaaaa? Oh please don’t tell me you don’t check out a man’s goodies?”, He scoffed as I looked over at him like he was indeed crazy. “Actually no, I don’t recall doing so”, I laughed as he looked over and gave me a ‘girl please’ look. Realizing I wasn’t lying his eyes went wide as if it was a big deal. “I have so much to teach you, this is going to be a good year”, He spoke out loudly to himself, while I hit the gas and started to laugh.

I truly hoped it would indeed be a good year.





Well goddamn that had to be the sexiest thing I have ever seen in my 22 years of living. Standing stuck in my spot, I couldn’t help but watch her walk away with her new found confidence. “Damn nigga, she just handled your yellow tatted ass”, Ty hollered through is laughter while I kept my gaze on her.

Raising an eyebrow as I watched her pull out her keys and open the door of a brand new Bentley, I couldn’t help but be low key impressed that baby girl had her own. “Why you ain’t tell me baby girl can get bold on a nigga like that”, I chuckled as I Iicked over my lips and smirked as she effortlessly drove the Bentley out of the car park.

Ty was still laughing like a fool beside me causing me to suck my teeth at his childish ass. “Man KiKi gotta be the most kind hearted person I’ve ever met, so you musta really pissed her off for her to get buck like that”, he explained while wiping his eyes. Shaking my head, I couldn’t help but hope I didn’t just fuck up my chances with her because of my reckless ass mouth. I mean as soon as I saw that nigga holding her hand, I saw red and spat a whole lot of bullshit out”.

Nudging Ty in the chest, I nodded my head towards the car and started heading over with him following behind. “You know nigga you were foul for that, you gotta apologize to Lil’Bit or she will hold that against you”, Ty stated as soon as we got in the Lamborghini and pulled out.

Chuckling at the thought of me saying sorry to someone, I shook my head as I pulled a blunt out from the center console. Placing it between my lips, I lit it up just as I pulled onto the freeway and headed towards our destination, “Ty you’re my boy, we’ve been rocking it since we was in diapers so you know that Breezy apologizes to no one, not even my moms. So baby girl is just gonna have to get over it”, I shrugged as Ty simply chuckled as he shook his head.

“Yea we’ll see nigga. You underestimate Kiara, she may be tiny and as innocent as they come but she will have you wrapped around her finger soon enough”, he smirked as I handed him the blunt and sucked my teeth at the thought. “Bruh, no one and I mean no one will ever have me weak like that”, I assured him though he simply just raised his eyebrow and nodded his head, indicating he didn’t believe me at all.

Mugging him, I turned the radio on so I can put a end to the conversation and nodded my head to the beat as we continued to smoke.  Though I tried to clear my thoughts, I found it close to impossible as Kiara filled my mind. Just the memories of her getting angry and the way her blue eyes sparked as she gave me a mouth full, got me harder by the second. Had it been any other bitch stepping to me the way she did, they would have gotten the beating of a lifetime. Kiara on the other hand, had me wanting to push her back against the bonnet of the Bentley, spread her legs wide and fuck her then and there.

Shaking my head of the thoughts as I was just getting harder thinking about it, I blasted the music to drown out my thoughts and sparked up another blunt.

Twenty minutes later we pulled up to one of the trap houses situated in Compton and didn’t waste a minute jumping out and heading inside. Dapping a few of the boys who were hanging out front, Ty banged the signature knock on the door before pulling out his key and opening the door. Greeted by a thick cloud of smoke and music pumping, we headed straight through the house and downstairs to the basement.

“Where y’all at?”, I yelled as I banged the wall while jogging down the stairs.  Coming into view first was Mijo and Wiz who were sitting at one of our tables, weighing and bagging weed into little Ziploc bags.

“Yo”, Ty grumbled lowly causing me to look over at him. Nodding his head in the direction opposite Mijo, I immediately frowned and got into defense mode at the unfamiliar face that was leaning against the back wall.

“Who the fuck is this? What I tell you about bringing people here”, I huffed out in annoyance as Wiz stood up and dapped me, followed by Mijo and a couple other runners.

"Chill out bruh this the cat Bow told you bout. Ahmed this is Breezy and Tyga, niggas this here is Ahmed", Mijo introduced causing the young kid to push off the wall and take a step forward. Mushing my eyebrows together, I look him up and down before side eyeing Ty to see what he thought. Without having to say a word I knew that he was doubting the dude. Chuckling at the fact that he didn’t care how obvious his dislike was being shown, I took a seat in one of the chairs before pulling out a blunt. The room was silent as they waited on my verdict and although my instinct was telling me to boot this nigga out right now, I couldn’t help but feel my loyalty to Bow clouding my judgement.

"Ight, so you wanna be down with The Killa Kings? I’ll give you a trial ma nigga. Set him up with a few pounds”, I instructed Mijo, who nodded his head and started to prepare a duffle for the kid. “Sell all this by the end of the week and we can talk about something more permanent“, I grumbled as I watched him nod his head while rubbing his hands together.

Waiting for Mijo to finish up, he handed the duffle to Ahmed. “Now get the fuck outta here young blood I gotta talk to my boys”, I instructed causing him to quickly dapped everyone before jogging up the stairs and out of sight.

As soon as the I heard the sound of the front door closing, I turned my attention to Mijo. “Look brah I know Bow vouching for the youngin, but something don’t sit right about him, get someone to keep an eye on him”, I said instantly causing Ty to nod in agreement. “I’on know why you didn’t just beat the shit outta the kid and send him on his way”, he huffed before taking a seat and helping the boys to bag the rest of the weed.

“Only agreed for Bow’s sake, besides if he fucks up, then we got someone to kill”, I assured him knowing that he would feel better about my decision because it may end with him taking a life. Something he lived for.

Changing the topic entirely, Wiz started telling us about these redbones that him and Bow fucked over the weekend while we all sat around bagging and smoking some chronic. “Yo that reminds me, why you ain’t come with us nigga?”, Wiz asked Ty who looked like he had been avoiding this conversation this whole time.

“Wait you ain’t kick it with them on Saturday?”, I asked confused as it was unusual for this nigga to ever bow out of a night at the strip club with the boys. Only reason I hadn’t made it was cause I had business to take care of up state. “Na man I had a low key night, wasn’t really feeling up to it”, he admitted causing us all to go silent while looking around in shock.

“You sick or something?”, Mijo asked as I genuinely became concerned as Tyga was usually the first one at the strip joint. “Man fuck outta here, no one’s sick”, he chuckled as he rubbed the back of his neck, indicating he was uncomfortable or was hiding something.

Realizing what the problem was, I couldn’t help but let out a chuckle as I sat back in my chair and stretched my legs out. “You and Ally good ma nigga? I ain’t seen you with her for a minute now”, I asked causing his head to snap up at the mention of her name. Immediately all the boys realized what was going on and shook their head with amusement. 

“Man she straight ignoring a nigga and I ain’t gonna lie, it got me feeling some type of way. I don’t know if she seeing someone new, but if she is I will not hesitate to kill him”, he stressed as he ran his hand down his face and sighed.

I don’t know why this nigga stressing himself out when he was the reason that him and Ally weren’t official. I done told this nigga too many times, if he keep fucking around and playing games with ole girl that she would give up and move on.

“What did you expect nigga? How you gonna tell her she’s your main when you out here acting like she’s yo side?”, I called him out knowing fully well he hated being wrong but sometimes niggas gotta hear the truth from their boys.

“Man she be doing the same shit, always up in the next nigga’s face”, he huffed out in annoyance as I side eyed Mijo who was just shaking his head. The situation was always worse for him because he was constantly put in the middle between his sister and the nigga who he considered his brother.

“Straight out, both y’all childish as fuck. Y’all don’t want a relationship with each other but you don’t wanna see each other with someone else. Both of y’all need to sit yo stubborn asses down and talk shit out for once”, Mijo grumbled in an irritated tone as he was more than sick of hearing it from both of them.

“Yea you right man”, Ty suddenly mumbled causing all our heads to snap in his direction. “Damnnnnn he finally admitting it, bout time fam”, Wiz chuckled as he patted him on the back while Ty just chuckled at our shocked expressions.

“Man whatever, but look I say we head over there now. I can see what’s up with Ally, Wiz can get high and eat, Mijo can smash his girl and Breezy can try and get Kiara to speak to him again”, Ty chuckled as I sucked my teeth and avoided the confused looks on Mijo’s and Wiz’s face.

“Nigga the fuck did you do?”, Mijo muttered as he let out a long sigh and sat back in his seat. “I aint do shit”, I huffed as I pulled out my phone and pretended to message someone. Looking down at my screen I ended up having a ton of messages from hoes I regularly fuck and one by one I replied back to the thirstiness.

“You ain’t do shit ma ass, this nigga saw Kiara holding some gay guys hand and he had the nerve to call her out her name. But check this, Lil’Bit went triple OG on his ass and shut him down”, Ty hollered as he jumped up and started dying of laughter at the memory.

Shaking my head at these fools, I couldn’t help but crack a grin as images of her calling me out filled my mind. “Yo I ain’t ever heard or seen Kiara go off like that”, Ty sighed once his laughter had finally settled down. “Sure as hell don’t sound like her either, you got a lot of making up to do ma nigga”, Mijo laughed as he stood up and placed all the packed weed into a duffle.

"Yo what had me dying though, was this nigga didn’t say a word! Like he was frozen in his spot and ain’t even get mad. And y’all know Breezy ain’t take no kinda lip from no one”, Tyga added on causing me to already look whipped and I ain’t even got the girl yet.

“He in love, he in love, he in loveeeeeeeee”, Wiz sung loudly off key causing us all to die of laughter at his high self. “Man get y’all foolish asses up, we bout to crash their afternoon”, I chuckled as I stood up and stretched out my arms. Lifting my snapback a little, I grabbed my phone and the duffle before heading upstairs where a few of my youngins were lounging around plating Xbox.

“Yo, I need this shit sold”, I muttered to one of my older runners as I handed him the duffle, “I gotcha boss”, he nodded as he took the bag and headed straight to the back door so he could leave.

Heading out the front with the boys following behind, I quickly stopped in my tracks and faced the younger boys whose attention was now on me. “Don’t lemme find out y’all cutting school. I’ll beat y’all asses ma self”, I stated sternly causing them all to immediately start nodding their heads. Satisfied, I continued my way out and headed straight to the Lambo that Ty was currently resting his weight against.

“Mijo and Wiz gonna meet us there”, Ty updated me as I unlocked the doors and got in. “You heard from Bow?”, I asked as I started the car and pulled out of the driveway.

“Yea he tied up at the warehouse with Pat and Bully, he said he’ll hit you up tomorrow”, he advised causing me to nod my head and take the blunt that Tyga was offering.

“Since all that is sorted out now we gotta go deal with a more stubborn problem”, I chuckled causing him to laugh in agreement, “Man you lucky, Kiara ain’t no where near as stubborn as Ally”, he sighed out as I nodded my head in agreement. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy to get her to talk to me after I called her out of her name but I sure as hell wasn’t gonna give up without a fight.




Rinsing the soap off my body, I quickly turned the water off and stepped out of the shower. Wrapping a towel tightly around my chest, I headed to the sink and made sure all my makeup was washed off before heading into my room.

Switching on my Pandora, I swayed my hips and sang along to Rihanna’s ‘What’s my name’, while drying my arms and legs. Tossing the towel on the ground I continued to slip into some booty shorts, a white wife beater and paired it with knee high socks. Once I was dressed and ready, I turned the music off and head downstairs to start cooking dinner. We had decided to have a big dinner night in celebration for completing our first day of college and of course I got nominated to be the cook.

Tossing my hair into a messy bun, I hooked up my iPhone to the Beats Pill and once again started dancing to some music as I began preparing our dinner. “Need help Lamb?”, I heard Bella call out from behind me causing me to turn the volume down and give her my attention.

“Yes please, come help mama cook”, I giggled as she grinned and made her way over. Handing her a knife and chopping board, she instantly started slicing up the potatoes while I worked on the lasagna sauce. “So tell me why you ended up getting kicked out of class on the first day?”, Bella chuckled as I shook my head at the memory and began explain the entire story for her.

“Wait, wait you didn’t tell me you saw Breezy?”, she gasped as her eyes went wide as soon as I got up to the part where Adrian and I ran into Chris. “As I was saying, Ty and Breezy ended up bumping into us outside of Ihop. Anyways so they saw Adrian holding my hand and girl you should have seen the mugs we were getting”, I laughed at the memory while Bella just stood there waiting with anticipation for me to tell her what happened.

“So after a few exchanged words with Ty, Chris decides to speak up talking about ‘I wouldn’t give him my number but was quick to give it to the next nigga’, oh and goes ‘You’re just like them other hoes’ “, I explained causing her eyes to widen even bigger then before.

“He did not! I am going to kick his ass”, she frowned as she picked up the knife she was just using and violently cut into the potatoes. Laughing at her aggressiveness, I placed my hand on top of hers to stop her from cutting through the chopping board and instead instructed her to do something less dangerous.

It wasn’t until two hours later that the food had finally finished cooking. I felt beyond exhausted and not to mention I was starving, though the food smelled amazing all I could think about was collapsing in bed.

“God damn that smells good”, Ally cheesed as she waltzed into the kitchen and began sniffing everything. Immediately I noticed Bella rolled her eyes and I couldn’t help but shake my head as I tried not to laugh. I had noticed almost instantly when I came back that Ally and Bella’s relationship was strained and being the outspoken person she was, Bella didn’t even try to hide it.

“Can you set the table babe?”, I asked Ally nicely as I handed her a stack of plates and cutlery. “I mean it is the least you can do”, Bella added on with a fake smile.

Sighing at that these two, I ignored the slick remarks that they continued to throw at each other and started placing the entire meal on the island. Macaroni and cheese, collared greens, fried chicken and a variety of salads now sat on the bench and the only thing missing was the lasagna that was still being cooked.

“Forreal though, this looks mad good”, Ally mumbled as she eyed out the food and began taking the dishes to the dining room. Before I could respond the sound of someone obnoxiously banging on the front door could be heard, “What the hell?”, I mumbled with confusion before looking over at the girls who were both just as confused.

“Keep your eye on the lasagna Ki, I’ll go check it out”, Bella instructed as she made her way down the hallway and out of sight. Seconds later the sound of Bella sucking her teeth as she undid the locks could be heard, “What the fuck y’all doing here banging like you’re 5.O?”, Bella yelled followed by a bunch of laughter and loud chatter.

Remembering the lasagna, I quickly grabbed a pair of oven mitts and slipped them on before heading towards the oven. Opening the door, I bent down with my ass in the air and looked in only to find that it was cooked and ready. The sudden sound of a loud whistle from behind me caused me to jump up in shock and look over my shoulder. Placing my hand on my chest as I steadied my breathing I couldn’t help but roll my eyes as my gaze found it’s way to Breezy.

Sucking my teeth lowly, I tried in a more subtle way to bend and grab the large tray of lasagna but I knew it was hopeless as my stupid self just had to wear the tiniest shorts I owned. Getting it over with, I quickly bent over and pulled it out before ignoring everyone as I rushed into the dining room to set it onto the heat mat.

Heading back into the kitchen where I could hear arguing, I pulled my oven mittens off and placed them on the counter before hugging the boy’s hello. Purposely missing Chris, I skipped over and gave Wiz a hug before leaning back against the counter. “Damn no hug for me?”, Chris mumbled lowly as he came and leaned back on the bench beside me. Once again I completely ignored him and instead listened in on the conversation in front of me. “So what the fuck are y’all doing here?”, Ally asked casually causing Ty to instantly suck his teeth and waved her off.

Before he could even reply with something slick, Chris pushed off against the bench and intervened, “Well damn Ally why all the hostility we just wanted to come and hang out with our favorite bitc-! I mean women”, he quickly corrected himself as he noticed the mean mugs us three girls were throwing his way.

“Plus looks like someone cooked for a whole bunch of niggas so I’on see no problem”, Chris shrugged before looking over at me while he smirked. “You tryna impress me with yo cooking skills huh?”, he muttered causing me to roll my eyes although deep down my stomach was doing back flips at the sound of his husky voice.

“Keep dreaming playboy”, I huffed in a fake irritated tone though I was actually really giddy that he was here. Thoughts of the event that occurred earlier on in the day filled my mind and instantly my giddiness turned into annoyance.

"Well whatever reason you’re here, y’all could have at least called. So I think it’s time you all exit”, Ally snapped with attitude causing her and Tyga to have a glare off. Shaking my head at these too, I looked over at Bella for support but she was too busy cuddling up to Mijo.

“Look it’s no big deal, there is enough for everyone”, I sighed as I tried to defuse the situation although by the looks that Ally was sending me I really should have just kept my mouth shut. Looking over at Wiz with wide eyes, I shrugged my shoulders as he chuckled lowly and ever so subtly I went and stood behind him. “Crazy ass female”, Wiz mumbled under his breath so only I could hear. “Tell me about it”, I mumbled back.

Finally the peacemaker of the group decided to speak up and control the situation. “You need to drop that unnecessary attitude. You acting like we some niggas off the street or something. Plus last time I checked Kiara paying the bills so if she cool with us staying then we gonna stay”, he grumbled in an angry tone causing Ally to back down instantly as she knew Mijo would never speak to anyone like that unless he was extremely annoyed or angry.

“What you say baby girl? We staying or you want us to bounce?”, Chris asked causing everyone’s attention to turn over to me. Stepping from behind Wiz’s frame, I shook my head out of frustration. “This shouldn’t even be an issue, of course you can stay. Why are we even debating this?”, I frowned as I looked around the room at these ‘grown’ people who were fighting over whether they could stay or not.

“Yea, what Lil’Bitt said, now I’on know if I’m the only one, but a nigga is HUNGRY”, Wiz emphasized, causing us to all start chuckling at him breaking the ice. Walking over to the fridge, I opened it up and pulled out a bottle of fine white wine for the girls and a bottle of Hennessy for the men, “Let’s eat before the food gets cold”, I spoke up as I nodded my head towards the dining room. Without having to be told twice everyone scrambled into the dining room and began taking their seats.

Of course, Chris some how managed to get the seat next to me and a smirk was permanently etched on his face as he spotted my distaste. “Can you move down a little”, I muttered lowly towards him as he was practically leaned over into my personal space. Chuckling he nodded his head and straightened out, only for him to suddenly grip the sides of his chair and scoot it closer to mine. Biting down on my lip in amusement, I waited for everyone to get settled before we started. “Wait we gotta say grace”, Bella quickly yelled out before anyone could touch the food.

A few groans were let out and Bella quickly smacked her lips, silencing any protests that were about to come. Reaching over, she held my hand and Mijo’s and narrowed her eyes at everyone so they could follow and do the same. Realizing I had to hold Chris’ hand, I felt a blush take over and judging by the overly cocky smirk Chris now wore, I knew he noticed it to.

Holding his hand out, I hesitantly placed mine into his and almost instantly he intertwined our fingers together. Trying to hide my grin as Bella started to say grace, I used my hair as a curtain and tried to peek down at our interlaced hands but ended up being caught by him.

Sending me a wink, he started to rub circles around the back of my hand with his thumb while I closed my eyes and enjoyed the small gesture of intimacy. All to soon, grace was finished and I couldn’t hide the little disappointment I felt at having to let go of his hand.  Noticing my hesitance, I waited for him to pull away but instead he kept a firm hold on my hand as he used his other to fill up his plate.

Grinning lowly at the multitasking he was doing just to keep holding my hand, I leaned over so that my lips were near his ear, “If you let go for a few seconds, I can put both our plates and then you can have my hand back”, I whispered quietly so only he could hear. Pulling away, I watched as he grinned before licking over his lips and slowly letting go of my hand. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Bella grinning lowly as she tried to mask her excitement.

Chuckling as I shook my head at her, I stood up and started filling up my plate before picking up Chris’, “Bit of everything?”, I asked as I looked back only to find him resting his arm across the back of my chair as he not so subtly eyed out my ass. Letting out a cough to get his attention, he finally pulled his eyes away and looked up at me with a smirk, “What’d you say baby?”, he mumbled causing me to blush at the pet name. Clearing my throat so I could subtly control myself, I took a deep breath before meeting his eyes. “You want a bit of everything?”, I asked again this time causing him to lick over his lips, “Yea, of everything”, he mumbled as he emphasized on the ‘everything’ bit without breaking eye contact.

Nervously nodding my head, I started to load up his plate before setting it down in front of him and taking a seat. Instantly he rested his hand with his palm up, on my thigh and looked at me with a grin. Chuckling at his determination, I brought my left hand over my lap and held onto his hand as we finally began to eat.

The rest of dinner was pretty neutral and calm, with the exception of Ally and Tyga throwing mugs at each other every second. Chris and I barely spoke two words to one another and instead spent the entire time holding hands as we stole looks at each other when we thought the other wasn’t looking.

“Damn KiKi, I almost forgot how good your cooking was. No wonder why I missed your bony ass so much”, Ty beamed as he sat back in his chair and rubbed his belly. We had all over ate so much that we literally slumped back in our chairs trying to digest the feast we had just devoured.

“Glad to know you only love me for my food”, I huffed playfully before letting out a groan as I let go of Chris’ hand and stood up. Stretching out my arms, I ran my hand over my bloated belly and chuckled at how stuffed I was, “You know you my OG Lil’Bitt”, Ty smirked as he came over and gave me a hug before heading into the lounge room.

“Where are you going?”, Bella questioned Mijo, who stood up and looked like he was about to follow behind Ty. “What niggas cant take a piss now?”, he frowned as he came over and kissed my forehead. “Thank you for the feast Ki”, he grinned in a softer tone and proceeded to exit the room before Bella could say anything else.

Wiz was next to stand up, giving me a hug he thanked me before pulling out a blunt and heading out to the balcony so he could smoke it. Not surprising Chris was last of the boys to leave the room and instead he slowly got out of his seat and stood in front of me. Still trying to play mad at him, I mustered up my best frown and placed my hand on my hip as I looked up at him with a raised eyebrow.

Chuckling at the sight, he brought his hand up and pushed a stray curl behind my ear, without breaking his gaze from mine. Leaning down as I stood frozen, he brought his lips to my ear and I couldn’t help but break out with goose bumps. “I can practically hear you heart beating from here”, he mumbled lowly as my heart pounded in my chest rapidly. Flushing with embarrassment, I could feel his lips turn up right into a grin meaning he had noticed my now pink cheeks. “Don’t worry, you make me feel the same”, he mumbled again before softly kissing my cheek and pulling away.

Without another word, he headed out of the dining room leaving me breathless with jello’d limbs. “What the hell was that?”, Bella whispered loudly with excitement as she rushed over and grabbed my arm while jumping up and down. “God damn it, he’s more irresistible than I thought”, I groaned with a frown causing Bella to toss her head back as she laughed. “Oh you in trouble now girl”, she gushed as I nodded my head in agreement.

Trying to clear my mind, I started gathering up the plates and headed inside to the kitchen with the girls following behind. Once again we turned on the music and sung along as all three of us packed the food away and helped each other get through the stack of dishes.

Half an hour of washing plates and drinking the rest of the wine we were finally finished and ready to relax. “You guys go ahead, I’m really tired”, I yawned as a wave of exhaustion hit my body. With all the stuff that went down today, from starting a new school, trying to make friends, getting kicked out of class, the argument with Chris, cooking for hours, cleaning and not to mention the alcohol I had drank, I was beyond exhausted.

“Okay baby, I’ll tell everyone you went to sleep”, Bella smiled as she came over and gave me a hug before heading out to the balcony where everyone currently was. Not even finding any strength to say goodnight to everyone, I headed straight for the stairs and sluggishly made my way up them and towards my room.

The sight of my bed almost made me cry out with joy and without wasting a second I closed my bedroom door and dived face first into the puffy, white comforter. Groaning out in pleasure, I nested my face deeper into the pillow while trying to blindly feel around my side table for the TV remote. After a few failed attempts, I finally got hold of it and out of memory I turned on the TV only to hear the sound of someone chuckling.

Panicking, I quickly lifted my head and narrowed my eyes in the dark room only to find Chris leaning against the wall with his hands in his pockets as he watched me. Sighing out in relief that it was only him, I lifted my body a little and got under the comforter. “What are you doing here? You look really creepy right now”, I yawned out as I switched the channel so Lion King came on.

Ignoring my question, I watched him from the corner of my eyes, as he slipped out of his Jordan’s and shrugged his shirt off. Frowning, I couldn’t find any energy to argue with him and seconds later I felt the bed sink followed by him pressing up next to me, “Breezy get out”, I mumbled in a sleepy tone before mouthing the words to the song ‘The circle of life’, that was currently playing in the movie.

“What I tell you about that? It’s Chris to you baby girl”, he muttered in a husky tone which instantly seemed to ease my nerves. Seconds later he wrapped his arms around my body and pulled me closer into his chest. Though I loved the closeness of our bodies, I still wasn’t over what had happened earlier today. “What do you want Chris? Because if you aren’t here to apologize you need to leave me alone”, I tried to muster up my best angry voice but instead it come out as a sleepy mumble.

I closed my eyes to the feel of him running his finger up and down my back and subconsciously I untensed my body in his grasp and instead melted in his embrace. “Damn, you’re so beautiful Kiara”, he mumbled lowly causing me to blush at the compliment.

"Chris stop trying to seduce me, now give me what I want”, I managed to get out, though he just chuckled in response. "Shit baby girl, you wanted the D this whole time? You should have just said that in the beginning”, he laughed as I playfully sucked my teeth as I shook my head.

“Oh please, I do not want a dick that’s been inside every hoe in California”, I huffed as the thoughts instantly filled my mind. Sucking his teeth, I could feel him shake his head before finally he let out a frustrated sigh. “Why you hating on a nigga Kiara? I just want to get to know you”.

Letting out my own sigh, I willed myself not to fall asleep, as we needed to work this out. “I’m not hating Chris, you are. Calling me out my name. That shit was foul”, I mumbled in a small tone at the thought.

The word alone always seemed to put me in a dark place. It may seem small to some people but unfortunately my past wasn’t as easy as most. The word ‘hoe’ was one of the main words I had thrown at me many times and to have someone I potentially like, to call me one, hurt like hell.

"Damn baby girl, forreal it got to you that bad, huh?", Chris sighed with guilt laced in his voice. Instead of speaking I just nodded my head as I kept my eyes closed to I wouldn’t have to look at his expression.

Feeling his fingers being placed under my chin, he slowly lifted my face up so I was now face to face and our eyes locked onto each other’s. “I’m sorry Kiara, forreal I am. I didn’t mean it. I was just feeling some type of way when I saw you holding that nigga’s hand and my anger got the best of me”, he confessed as I searched his eyes for some sort of lie but couldn’t find any.

Smiling softly, I kissed his cheek softly before resting my head back on my pillow. “Thank you, that’s all I wanted”, I whispered as I felt my eyes getting heavier by the second. “Do you like me?”, I found myself asking before I could even stop myself. Instantly blushing as I mentally cursed myself out, he started chuckling as he noticed my embarrassment. “I haven’t apologized to anyone in the past 22 years, so yes Kiara, I do like you”, he explained causing me to break out into a cheesy grin as my insides started doing happy flips.

“Do you like me?”, he asked causing me to giggle as I felt like we were teenagers confessing to crushing on each other. “I haven’t let a man lay in my bed in the past 20 years, so yes Chris, I do like you”, I replied as I used his own line on him. Chuckling as he licked over his lips I could tell he was lowkey happy that no other man had been in my bed though he didn’t say it out loud.

I didn’t know what this was. I didn’t know why I was feeling this way about Chris, I didn’t know why I was so bold around him or why the walls I had built didn’t exist when he was around. He made me feel a way that no one had ever made me feel and as much as I tried to deny it I lowkey loved it.

I wasn’t sure if this was a fling, long term or if he was simply just trying to get into my pants but whatever it was, I just wanted to enjoy it, even if it was just for the night.

Doing something I thought I would never do, let alone with a stranger, I snuggled closer into Chris’ embrace. “Chris?”, I mumbled in a sleepy tone before letting a yawn escape my lips. “Yeah baby girl?”, he mumbled as he once again started running his fingers up and down my back in a slow gesture.

"Stay with me tonight, okay?", I found myself saying which surprised me, though I found myself deep down wanting him to stay the night so I could stay in his arms. “I ain’t going anywhere”, he replied in a tired tone.

Seconds later he kissed my hair, before pulling my closer to him and it didn’t take me a minute to fall into the best sleep I have had in an entire year.

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