Kings Every King needs his Queen.
Every King needs a Queen

A story of the heartless and the hurt .
Can a man known to have no heart, save the one who was so broken?
A original thug Chris Brown story.

ar1baby asked:
I love you stories I always retread when I'm bored😍😍 can't wait for the new one to come out

Awww thank you so much !! ❤️❤️❤️

Anonymous asked:
snoop dogs son is FIIIIIIINE

Lmaooo yes he is!

sexacidhiphop asked:
Cole know what up, he be saying the same thing

Difference is Cole can get it, you can’t.

sexacidhiphop asked:
Your mouth and my cock need to go on a date

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If you don't mind could you reblogg the chapter list for this ff please. The other link doesn't work :(

Just re blogged it for you babe !!

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chapter list pleeeaaassseee


NOTE:  Bolded chapters are the revamped chapters. (More revamped ones to come soon.)


Chapter One    

Chapter One - Part Two                                           

Chapter Two                                                 

Chapter Three                                             

Chapter Four                                               

Chapter Five                                                 

Chapter Six  

Chapter Seven 

Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine

Chapter Ten

Chapter Eleven 

Chapter Twelve

Chapter Thirteen 

Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fifthteen

Chapter Sixteen

Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Eighteen 

Chapter Nineteen

Chapter Twenty

Chapter TwentyOne

Chapter TwentyTwo

Chapter TwentyThree

Chapter TwentyFour

Chapter TwentyFive

Chapter TwentySix

Chapter TwentySeven

Chapter TwentyEight

Chapter TwentyNine

Chapter Thirty

Chapter ThirtyOne

Chapter ThirtyTwo

Chapter ThirtyThree

Chapter ThirtyFour

Chapter ThirtyFive

Chapter ThirtySix

Chapter ThirtySeven

Chapter ThirtyEight

Chapter ThirtyNine

Chapter Forty/Epilogue 

PROGRESS CHAPTERS ~ (Life after KillaKings/ Read once finished above ^ )

Progress One 

Progress Two

Progress Three

Chapter FortyThree 




So much had gone down within the past 6 weeks that it literally felt like time was flying by us before our very eyes. The very thought had me closing my own eyes as I let the warm water race over my hair and down my fuller body. I was officially 6 months pregnant and as each day…

New update !

Anonymous asked:
In some chapters it says ken/Kenny (even in the revamped ones) did you change her name? Lol

Ken/Kenny was her nickname but doesnt really suit so Im slowly changing it to KiKi. But I must have missed it in the revamped chapters, so ill deffs fix it up !

Anonymous asked:
I need more stories like yours. Gimme some

1lovenavy asked:
You should do a sequel

no sequel but I do progress chapters!