Kings Every King needs his Queen.
Every King needs a Queen

A story of the heartless and the hurt .
Can a man known to have no heart, save the one who was so broken?
A original thug Chris Brown story.

Anonymous asked:
Link to chapter list for both hoe and KK

Anonymous asked:
This story will forever be my favorite, if you ever delete or lock this I just might stop breathing lol 😍😍😍😘

Awwwwww!!! You are adorable ! And I may lock it for a little while as I want to completely fix it up and repost a little later ! Not any time soon tho, so your good for now lol

Anonymous asked:
I am truly hurt that you wont be writing anymore because you are on the best writers! i truly love ALL your stories! but I understand that you wanna just rest now. Hopefully one day after you get a much needed rest you might surprise with another yet amazing fanfic! Still will be one of your favorite writers!!

Awwww this made me smile so hard! Honestly, thank you so much for this message it really made my day. hahah yes, maybe I will ! Just for right now, I feel like ive run its course with FF’s and need to more onto something bigger ! <3 <3

Anonymous asked:
I miss Kiara's and Chris's cute ass :(

Girl me too, you have no idea!

Anonymous asked:
Why Kenny so got damn beautiful only if she dated Chris in real life they be the cutest couple ever

She really is stunning! But I like Kae with Chris, they are too adorable

msmysticluv asked:
Are you still redoing chapters for this? When will we get a new progress chapter? This is one of my favorite stories. I re-read it often

As soon as I finish my ff im working on, Im gonna take KK off tumblr for a bit and completely fix it up, as well as add new chapter and progress notes 

Anonymous asked:
Girl, wheres your chapter list?

Right here baby » Chapter List 

Anonymous asked:
Wait why after your last story you aren't writing anymore?

Ive been writing ff’s for two years now. Completed two and onto my last one.  Im gettin old, I think its time I hang up my fanfic shoes and instead sit back and enjoy other ppls stories. I dono, I feel like Ive run my course with them and its time to move on 


KiKi doing some modelling on the net, oh snap.. killakingsfanfic

Ooooh get it girl&#160;!! Mrs Brown is a baddy 😍


KiKi doing some modelling on the net, oh snap.. killakingsfanfic

Ooooh get it girl !! Mrs Brown is a baddy 😍

lbrjusceej asked:
Have u ever thought about doing a chapter of when they found Romeo

I have one half written out, just gotta find the motivation to finish it off and post lol