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Chapter where kiara meets Jessie & his mom? Thank ya!
Anonymous here you go bbygirl !

How many ch did you change plz stop

I didnt change any babe, just edited and fixed up chapter 1 & 2 so far. Its exactly the same but I just made it a little more descriptive 

Chapter TwentyEight




Pushing Lani’s curly mane to the side, I leant down and kissed her bare shoulder before getting up off the bed. Stretching my arms outs, I groaned as a few bones cracked and sluggishly made my way over to the bathroom.

Though I was still tired, last night was one of the sleeps had…

New update!

A new fave of mine!


I really suggest this fanfic! I read it all within a few hours and loved it. Main characters aren’t extremely famous people but I love that and makes it seem more realistic (the mains are still extremely good looking tho).

Shes only 12 chapters in but has kept me on my toes the whole time! Make sure you guys go check it out !!

Mrs Kiara Brown
is it just me or have you edited and addded onto the first few chapters? Im re reading for like the 100 time and was like, babygirl re writing?

yessssssssss lmao! Now I know you a real fan when you notice the changes ;) but yes, Im slowly revamping the first half of this ff cause I feel like there poorly written (was my first time writing a ff). SO far ive only done chapter 1 and 2 ! But I might start reblogging them as I make the changes? WHat do you think?

when is the next progress chapter gnna b posted?

not for a while babe, maybe mid next month!

Can I have the progress chapter list
Anonymous there at the bottom of the list babe 

Good ass chapter btw!! How many progresses are you gonna do?

Until my mind can no longer come up with ideas lol! So I’m not sure lol hopefully a lot more